Palestine, Georgia, NYC - contrasts of the world
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I have been to many countries the last year, but these countries and places stayed in my heart.
I have been in Palestine and this country (especially the people) made me feel different about the world. I saw people laughing, screaming, enjoying life but also fear. You see these feelings actually in every country,it is something normal , but you see it differently if you are in a country which is not authorized as a country in a lot of countries in the world. I have been going through many check points cause I am allowed to do so, a foreigner can go further than a citizen of the country next door. I am free. they are not.
I have been in Georgia, the country of wine. I spend many days getting to know the culture and the people. New people welcomed me every day and invited me to drink wine. People are crazy about wine in Georgia.
In contrast to this not so often visited countries I have also been in New York. most tourist place of the world. I love the people in NY, they want get attention, they want that people take pictures of them. I do not know another place on earth where you can see that. People are just enjoying their lives in the Big Apple. It was a huge contrast going to NY after visiting poor countries, e.g. Palestine and Georgia. That made me once again realize how different and special the world is and how much fun it is to visit and to get to know the contrasts of the world!