COVID19, 2020, Lambda Photography, Barcelona
Project info

COVID19, 2020
Known for her research on identity trough colour and form, the spanish photographer Victoria Campillo, began these series before the Covid crisis, inspired by a recent trip to Japan of her husband, she chose red colour as main chromatic subject, the same as the Japanese flag, in an intuitive manner.
In her characteristic way of procedure, she started to collect red clothes- shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, etc…- trough second hand shops or gifts from relatives and started to do portraits of her husband, her usual model. The portraits, in a deconstructed way, use repetition and fragmentation to accentuate an obessive manner, and reinformes the idea of isolation.
Afterwards, once the crisis started to spread and was becoming a pandemic, masks were added and they have the same colour of textile. It is known that the red colour is a symbol for life, blood, heart and passion. The red mask symbolizes how life is interrupted or censored.
The complete series include 18 images.
As per usual, the photographer Victoria Campillo has an eye to make a strong statement through essential images that say a lot. Terrible times, that fragment us and silent us.
This series has an edition of 3 copies.