Disruption Empty(ness)
Project info

"Disruption Empty(ness)" is a documentation of the restrictions in our daily lives because of the pandemic crisis.
Our movements were restricted and in some places, still are. The urban spaces we usually inhabit were mostly empty and had a peculiar atmosphere. It was like passing through a quiet void.
The city of Las Vegas was - momentarily and temporary - no longer a territory for activities of life. We were and still are experiencing extreme times of virtual integration and physical separation.
Nature, contrariwise, didn't change. The Mojave desert surrounding Las Vegas is still pristine, intact. Nevertheless, when one visits these magnificent ancient sites for some reference to "normality" and a sense of connection, a feeling of uneasiness permeates the experience.
These are two apparently disconnected strands flowing in parallel.
Nature outwards is intact; while our urban spaces, inwards, our lives are disrupted.
Disruption is the act or process of disrupting something; a break or interruption in the ordinary course or continuation of some activity, process. Disruption is a significant disturbance, something that changes your plans or interrupts some event or process. When you disrupt something, you upset it or mess it up.
The images are diptychs that attempt to convey disquieting and incongruent emotions and feelings through photography (film and digital) and image manipulation using coding. They aim to portrait uneasiness and reversed conflicting feelings. There are four diptychs of land and sky, and four diptychs of Las Vegas' urban space.
This is about Disruption —in our lives. Everywhere. Now.