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The series of (Gay) Couples presents men that have been in long-term gay relationship of 8 to 25 years. They are couples from different parts of the world—Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and the United States. They are all pre-Grindr generation, most of them married. Some of them met when they were young or already in their 60s. They found each other in quite diverse places—a public pool, a disco, a bar, a gym, a wine bar, through friends or even through a matchmaker. They have different hopes, passions, fears, and perhaps interpretation of what is love. Nonetheless, two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines, creating an union, yet also showing something cosmic within them, moving further from the reality of what it means to be gay in the world today. These images create timeless portrayals affected by Morquecho’s Mexican heritage, though they seek to break national boundaries and transport the observers to a world where they can sense equality, beauty, and strength among differences. At the end, just couples.