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Women are abstract.
We are hard to understand.
Our physical form both a gift and curse.
Photographers are obsessed with us.
Upskirts..down tops.. photoshopping us towards a level of fantasy that is beyond humanly possible to achieve.

Fuck, it’s exhausting.

This obsession with us seems to be in the pursuit of our mysterious lady holes.
These damp gateways to pleasure, life, pain and confusion.
Dark and cavernous places more intimate than any penis could possibly be, right?

Let’s go deep inside to see the wonders of a selection of lady holes represented through abstraction rather than the fantasies we gorge on.
Photographer, Boopsedaisy’s style of camera painting is the antithesis of traditional photography, as she works in jerky non-fluid movements, moving the camera in her hand as the subject is moving.  Where most of her contemporaries utilise urban or natural backgrounds to showcase light effects, she immerses herself in the primal partnership of the light, the dark and movement. She experiments with digitally manipulating her work for the first time as part of #THRUTHELADYHOLE.

“It wasn’t until I started naming the photographs after women that have been close to me over my lifetime, that the series went to another level. I had heard all about these ladies’ holes, their surgeries, their cramps, their sex lives, their orgasms, their child birthing stories and it felt great to let all the emotion and history free and create these abstract portals into them as .”