Project info

This project is about my daughter, our dreams and our feelings.
I started photographing Maria in 2016, when she was 7.
This project is still a work in progress. This story begins in my own childhood.
When I was a kid, my sister and I were often playing together, imagining ourselves being the moms of our dolls. We had a very strong and emotional connection. As a child, I used to dream, that when we grow up and have our own daughters we would continue communicate and play all together.
However, the destiny decided otherwise. Unfortunately I lost my sister in a horrific accident. One week later my daughter was born. The result was a difficult period of mixed emotions and feelings. The grief of loosing my beloved sister and the happiness of the birth of my wonderful daughter were strangely intertwined. My little Maria filled the insufferable void.
Now I have my little girl with whom we play, fool around, dress up, make up stories, we are always on the same wavelength. Together with my daughter, my inner-child was reborn.
Watching my baby grow, I recognize myself in her, and I am re-living some of my own childhood moments. At the same time, I see a woman in her from the day she was born. In all her achievements, impulses, hobbies, judgments, views, the feminine essence is coming through. Maria for me is all at once - a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a muse. I see in her a particle of myself and my continuation.
I really enjoy taking pictures of my daughter in various emotional states and her different personalities. These moments of our creative interactions bring us closer together, help us to better understand each other, and are very inspiring.