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That's a fake - Diorama Project
Cinecittà, an imaginary world where dreams and reality merge to create a timeless and aspatial dimension, combines different centuries with its architectures and allows the public to take a walk in the ancient Rome. A journey back in time that takes us in an artificial place designed to create new myths. This Hollywood on the Tiber has welcomed many famous directors as Pasolini (Medea), Wyler (Ben Hur), Visconti (Bellissima), Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather Part III), Scorsese (Gangs Of New York). They all succeeded in the chance of giving birth to new realistic atmospheres in an artificial setting. As Fellini once told, Cinecittà is a “dream factory”.
That's a fake - Diorama Project Awards: International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, 2014 – 1st place