Project info

In spring 2019, I wrote a harsh-toned poem for an American literary magazine and created experimental photographic work for illustration. I had never thought that my own sputum smudged on a watch glass...observed throughout a macro-lens, or the obscure experimental pictures of milk-white hypodermic syringes, along with a visually distorted plastic demonstrative medical organ would give true, intrinsic significance in real life above the symbolic meaning I originally referred to. In my series ’In these COVID days’, all the main and general symbols of the pandemic become visible by forcing the viewers to rethink the very key elements of the phenomenon. The single figurative picture, titled ’Hypoxia’ was attached to the series in 2021. Hypoxia is a suddenly appeared oxygen deficiency in cells or organs. This condition is very similar to the symptoms and feelings of suffocation which characterized and determined our lives in 2020 and the beginning of the 2021 year. My idea was to creating a picture which reflects on the fear, the isolation and the general malaise that humankind had to cope with during the pandemic.