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In the afternoon of the sixth day of Muharram , The month that Shi'a Muslims mourn for Imam Hussein , A traditional ceremony is held in the historical village of Masuleh , called 'Alambandan'. This traditional and religious ceremony which has been going on for more than 800 years , will be held in Imamzadeh monument of 'Oun-ebne-Muhammad-ebne-Ali' in Masuleh.

In this ceremony , first the residents of 4 neighborhoods of 'Masjedbar' ,'kashehsar','khanehbar' and 'Asad Mahalleh' , deliver their special flags ('Alam') of the ceremony to the porch of the monument.
After the mourning is over, 'Pir-e-Alamdar' closes the 'Alam's.
These 'Alam's will be delivered by 'Pir-e-Alamdar' to flagmen of 4 neghborhoods for mourning until the end of Muharram and Safar .
People are listening to a religious speach at this ceremony.