46.439387, 8.074683
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46.439387, 8.074683 is a place that is located on a point of convergence of energies. That is, a place where telluric forces from the bowels of the earth collide with high-energy cosmic rays. This phenomenon is a direct consequence of human activity that weakens the earth's atmosphere.
This phenomenon generates forms of elementary particles within the nucleus of atoms, which have never been observed on earth until now and which possess physical and energetic properties defying the established laws of physics.
These phenomena have led to a modification of the environment in the mineral structures of the surrounding mountain ranges and an acceleration of the melting of the snow cover and glaciers. A group of scientists has built a series of underground laboratories in the greatest secrecy to study, model and reproduce these phenomena.
In this way, the landscape is gradually being transformed by invisible forces to reveal a disturbingly strange nature. If man takes over these forces, what will become of our environment? if this one is out of control these phenomena?