(Un) Fabulous Las Vegas I
Project info

Las Vegas is arguably the most American of all US cities. It represents a dream, mainly an American Dream of comfortable living in the sun, poolside, without having to work too hard - since the money is made by gambling. The seminal book "Learning from Las Vegas" by Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour was the first study to put the unique instant urbanism of Las Vegas on the map, and declaring the large billboard as the icon that is more important than the actual building behind the billboard. My ongoing series of photographic explorations of "(Un)Fabulous Las Vegas" focuses on the urban landscape of the "off-Strip" area that is characterized by derelict areas, old and run-down billboards and signs, large logistic centres, strip clubs, kinky shops and tattoo parlours.
"(Un)Fabulous Las Vegas I" is about dilapidated areas around the Strip.