Street Photography Versilia
Project info

With Street Photography Versilia tale vision I have of my country through the faces of those who live, my approach is extreme and direct, I'm very close to the people and with the flash I always try to highlight that mask of vanity that each of us is built as self-defense, however, thanks to the revealing moments of vulnerability and the reactions that can capture the faces, those behind this protection. Everything always seasoned with a touch of dramatic irony, and a grotesque vision. I'm not a photographer silent and outside the scene, from my photographs pretend that alerts the photographic act and when I select, I always choose the ones that make me think again the click of the camera. I am aware that this photographic approach 'hard' has raised some criticism and controversy, and is considered by some an aggressively abusive, even immoral. I think instead it is an honest approach. Photographer not lies, it exposes itself. And expresses its respect for the people with a smile, a nod, a thanksgiving after photos, and especially with the honesty not to photograph with intent derisive or demeaning.
Currently S.P.V. It is still an active project that I do not know how and when it will finish, within this project have also led to my book "Carnival" a work that presents in my view the three main aspects of the Carnival Of Viareggio.