one moment
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life is in one moment and so short .. one moment is birth and another moment is Death... .
how we came to the world and how we will come back from the world ? ... nobody dont know .
One of the projects I recently worked on in Iran and was a source of inspiration for me on the humans was the issue of “execution in Iran and was in answer of my questions about "Life .. Death and people ". The project is about the last minutes of 10 people who have been executed publically (most of them were convicted of killing, raping, villainy and robbery). At first, I wanted to take photos of a personal concern but after starting the project, I faced some people who can freely watch the scene; men, women and children. The most important thing which influenced me was the effects of execution on children. I heard some news about children’s committing suicide in Iran after watching the execution scene which was highly shocking for me. Why public execution should be an instrument for punishing people in the society? And why watching the scene is not forbidden for children? After these events I decided to work on such issues more profoundly _
2011_2012 / Tehran - Isfahan - Qazvin- Varamin