Iran : the land of love, pain , Tradition , faith and hope
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" The biggest mistake of human is :
human judgment On the basis of what thinking
Not based on what is true "

Iran is one of the greatest civilizations in human history.
Which for centuries was invaded by several countries
The biggest events happened to the land, but the land is still alive.
And the breathing.
For me, this country is like a secret
A hidden secret .. like a black woman.
That all of her emotions and pain and love is hidden in herself
and nobody dont know about them .
how think this woman ? how she feel ? and how is love for her ?

This work is not for media and news .. because I dont believe them .. and I like show a part of fact of iran to people in the world . Good moments and bad moments
Both are with together .Because they are complete together .

this work is about 100 photos about iran ، Daily life of iranian people and biggest events , this work is not complete yet but I hope complete this work soon