Nor'easter's Call
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I have always been fascinated by the serenity of seascapes and the nature of ocean waves that I found myself regularly spending time on beaches most of the time. Among all the seasons, winter is the best time for me to take strolls around since it gives me the silent and peaceful environment to think, reflect , refresh and collect myself.

This year winter 2013-2014 could be regarded as the most intense and coldest winter with repeated snow storms and major temperature drops since I moved to New York City in 2011. On February 13, we had a major snow storm named Nor'easter which was regarded as the blizzard of 2013. It was my curiosity that motivated me to go down to the nearby Brighton Beach. Not many people were there but it was my first time seeing the whole beach completely covered with snow and I was immensely mesmerized and enjoyed by the solitary beauty of nature despite the icy walk and heavy wind.