J'ai vu de la lumière alors je suis sorti.
Project info

"J'ai vu de la lumière alors je suis sorti" came from the proverb that explain the opposite idea, "I saw some light so I came in", but "je suis sorti" means the opposite, I saw some light so I went out". During the covid-19 lockdown all my jobs were canceled, I could even not continue to shoot with film because my lab was closed, I decided to take again my digital camera and hang around my neighborhood by night. Attracted like a mosquito by the lights of the most vulgar suburban location of Tokyo, I tried just to paint the night as I felt it. A friend told me it's also taken from the lyrics of JJ Goldman (French singer), in a song about the birth, not intentionally I've chosen a title which resonate with the birth of my son couple of month before, This work is showing how urban elements, nature and lights are touching themselves, it's the sensuality of the lonely walks in suburbs of Tokyo. All the pictures are taken in the 2020 spring from end of February to June.