No Man's Land
Project info

The limitations that have bound me in the past three months have restricted my photographic environment to places within a 15 minute drive from my house. Within these boundaries, I chose to depict my perception of marginal places, those that thrive in their distance from mainstream's mentality, free from society's centric ruling powers and hierarchies.
I feel safe to wander in places and "touch" materials whose sustainability is independent of human intervention, namely: the sand on the beach, the rocks at the quarry and the trees in the woods. They all helped create the disconnect from the day's burdens, and allowed me to directly touch space, substance, order, shape and esthetics.
Within all of this, I search for the emergence of the singular point of convergence, where, order and chance, past and present, stillness and motion coincide. It is where mind and matter converge into a singular existence.