north bound
Project info

In my ongoing work, i follow my only son, my girlfriend and the rest of my very small family into a intimate space and report what I feel and see. I go very close and at the same time, I step back and explore the stories beyond our personal space. The images appear while we are together – they are not really staged, but surely influenced by me as photographer, partner and mother.

Summer 2018, me, my son and my girlfriend took 3 month off and went for a trip through Scandinavias nature in our little bus. Suddenly i got very sick and nobody knew what to diagnose or how to help. As the date of departure came closer, our fears did too. Should we risk it? We don't live all together at home and are not used to be so close. My girlfriend never wanted children and is a very structured and independent woman. My extrovert son loves chaos and people. And i was taught to think of me as a close-relationship incapable, difficult person who needs a lot of personal space to be alright. Being tied together in a incredible spacious unknown and wild surrounding where even day and night disappeared under the midnight sun was far out of our comfort zones.

How to survive symbiosis? How to get contact without drowning in the nourishing seas of milk? How to be vulnerable in a generation told to better be a perfect social supergirl? And how to find a new fold after losing the old ones? How to be part without falling apart?

For this series, i worked with an old Hasselblad and took the pictures without developing them until i was home. I did not erase dust and the traces of whatever was.