Project info

This project is the documentary about a house and a family in the country side of Japan. Anyone can start anything again at new place little by little. That is what I realized through this project.

Last November, I had to go back home to visit my parents because my father had a stroke and was hospitalized. My parents house was still sitting in the same place nostalgically where it has been for a long time but we finally decided to move out from the house where I was born and raised after a long family meeting because of my father. During my stay with them in this house, I could not help but had enough time to reflect on all the memories which I didn't want to remember. It was about my hateful parents and myself suffering from those memories. When we were moving out I felt like as if fresh air went into all hidden places of the house and refreshed them all and all the unpleasant memories with this house went away with household goods. The house was tiny, old and leaning down so no one would be surprised if it fell down tomorrow. But there is no doubt that this house was the place for a group of people, so called 'family'.