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Unplanned and unstaged, these photographs are ostensibly unrelated, taken in a variety of locations over a period of two years.

Sequenced and recontextualised within an extended narrative, however, the images cease to function solely as photographic representations. Meaning can become fluid, slipping between images to evoke a mood and tell a story - the precise nature of which may rely less on an objective truth than on the imagination of artist and viewer.

The series is anchored throughout by alternate views of a suburban house (the first instance is shown here). Indeed, it is the old sense of security - symbolised by our walls and our homes - that grows ever redundant as the series develops, giving way to an admission of anxiety fuelled by uncertainty; the tension between fear and reassurance, exile and home, longing and fulfilment - modern life’s cycle of the strange and familiar that ultimately must be accepted even if it remains without satisfying resolution.

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