Project info

It is a common nightmare: you suddenly feel that you are alone. Alone at a place that usually is crowded by people, the air imbued by the sounds of children, steps, people shouting, announcements. But now? A strange silence emphasizes the fact that you are walking through an empty airport, harbor or shopping mall. What if this scenery actually happens? Can this be true? With the first part of his concept series „LeerRaum/Lost“ I try to explore the atmosphere of seemingly lost(?) places.

The point: every photography in this series originates from walks through partly very populated and noisy places during a normal day of the week. With my concept „LeerRaum“ (german for „empty spaces“) I want to prove that a photo – captured in the right moment – is able to breath and communicate completely contrarious messages by isolating nightmarishly calm moments in the chaos.