Uncertainty and Hope
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Coronavirus has transformed all our lives. In such a short time, our movement restricted, routine disrupted, and familiarity shifted. A life-threatening virus challenges our very existence. And it is not even a living organism!

Our fear and uncertainties came all at once. Breaking news and blaring broadcast fed our weaken insecurity. Out of fear and doubt, we shared and spread our emotions to balance the burden we shoulder. We noticed ourselves reacting more frequently instead of responding. We protest the most trivial matters. Our uncertainty drove us to stockpile food, supplies, and, in most cases, seizing unnecessary quantity. The shelter-in-place and restricted movement arrest our better-thinking faculties. We blame others and become judgemental. What thrown upon us is not familiar. We have never been here before.

After the phase of reactions, we adapt to the new normalcy and yield to realize what we can and cannot have under the will of our dominion. Compulsive and panic consumption takes a gradual downturn. News and views we forward without even previously reading gets more scrutiny. Carefully, we only share what is accurate, kind, necessary, and helpful. Our emotions and feelings reflect our maturity, not because of our age but of our understanding. From the fear of the unknown, we dawn into the light of awareness. We now know everyone else is going through similar challenges, and like them, we are also trying our utmost to stay resolute.

As we transcend the weak areas of our mind, we gain a new appreciation of life in itself. We offer thankfulness spontaneously and frequently. We express gratitude to our loved ones and to those who served others during this crisis. We understand the sacrifices others make for the betterment of all. We now explore beyond the help we seek and try to be of relief to others. Our innate creativity and expertise get channeled for the better to assist others. Our efforts motivate others, and the snowball effect transforms into noble causes. Our outlook on life is more decisive, but we know how to be safe and vigilant to combat this intrusive virus. Our sounder emotional disposition emanates optimism to our family and friends. Shelter-in Place, solitude and seclusion has given us more than what we really can comprehend. Each one of us can attest to what we uncovered in our quietude. Time is the only healer.