Anxiety - My Everyday Battle 2011 (Ongoing)
Project info

Anxiety - My Everyday Battle, 2011 is my investigation through photography of my different emotions and experiences with anxiety on a daily basis. This body of work is an exploration of ones self and a journey of discovery of the sources of my anxieties. Through this series of photographs, I explore the understanding that all humans are imperfect. Our imperfections - our strengths and weaknesses - make us unique.

Anxiety doesn’t make us any different from anyone else - it makes us the same as everyone else. At different times in our lives - this negative feeling - can be crippling to all of us. It can hold us back rather than let us move forward. Those moments in our lives are the hardest moments because we must take action and take control back. Having said this - we whom have an Anxiety Disorder are not weak at all. We are strong and brave to endure and find paths to deal with this.

I encourage you all to face your fears, to not let an Anxiety Disorder get in the way of living your lives, and through these images I want you to see that you are not alone.

Anxiety affects us all in varying degrees.

Nicholas Wojtas