Mother Lake, 2004-2011
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The Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan and one of the oldest lakes in the world, located about 20 km east of Kyoto, Japanese old capital. The lake has been deeply related to our daily lives for longtime. It is a reservoir for more than fourteen million people and we are very conscious of keeping it clean even though industries always threaten its natural gifts like fish, reeds and trees.
I myself, born in Kyoto, have been growing up with water of The Lake Biwa. When we think that two-thirds of human body are made of liquid, it is true that my body is made by The Lake Biwa, really MOTHER LAKE for me.
My deep respects and thanks to The Lake Biwa penetrate in these pictures. Behind these calm landscapes, I hope that you will find our wisdom and efforts to keep the lake, as it was millions years ago.