At Sea At Night
Project info

I started making these photographs in the fall of 2008 when I first moved to New York City, a time overshadowed by the recent economical depression. My main reason then was basically to nourish my desire to make images combined with a sense of necessity to get to know my surroundings.
It was around six months into the growing collection of photographs that I noticed the underlying current of mood and circumstances dwelling in each of the ones edited into the series – an atmosphere of fear and undirected anxiety prevailed within.

All that which was subconscious in the beginning – the choice of muted colors, the consistent use of horizontal imagery – grew to be another indicator of the world that was getting constructed - a world reflecting a serious moment in time where an exterior of economic recession paralleled an inner, personal, insecurity.
And in the end it could best be described with a language bordering the symbolic, describing the series as an aim to bring out the sensation of the unknown and the uncharted, analogous to being at sea at night.