Project info

As much as we know, there will always be a question unanswered. And that mystery space will inevitably invite certain mysticism.

Lee Smolin

Today we live inmersed in a flowing routine, stressful and materialistic that takes us to get away each time more of the essential questions that, since always, have nested in the heart of man. A man whose evolution has always been subject to uncertainty, an uneasiness that throws him to the constant search for answers; answers that give meaning to your life, but especially that reveal its rationality, and that through this, to confirm its existence.
"Unnaswered" is an autobiographical project through which I intend to establish relationships between the images and certain questions unanswered, creating an internal dialog in which all security falters, perhaps because there are no right answers, perhaps because the human being fails to find them. Therefore, the function of this project is to pose questions and existential doubts related to the spiritual. This spirituality has been part of me since my early years, because I come from a family with strong Catholic beliefs, a fact that has influenced my life in a special way. However, as my mind was gaining more autonomy, was also researching and supplying it self of infinite issues that ended up driving me to swim in a sea of doubt. With this project I persecuted to explain to myself, and to that child that one day began to doubt within me, the world I live in. And this explanation is necessarily handheld in the photograph, the beauty, because as i said Max Planck, "the science is incapable of solving the last mysteries of nature, because in the last analysis we ourselves are part that nature."

Finally, «Unnaswered» condenses in images small or big mysteries that appear in the everyday life, mysteries that transcends the reality us to try to give the keys of a world of which we are part and which we take thousands of years trying to resolve. It´s about images that generate new questions, ambiguous images that are capable of speaking from different ideological and social points of view determined by our own cultural codes and by the received education.
Images that help us to unravel the "the museum of chimeric inconstant forms, the pile of broken mirrors" with which Borges defined the irresolution of the human being.

Álvaro Calvo