Travel to the end of the world
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Daughter of immigrants, immigrant, permanent and constant traveler. Stranger, foreigner. Life requires uprooting and rewards with its beauty, constant moments of discovery, eternal surprise and infinite longing. Boundary of sublimity that transcends the beautiful, unattainable infinity. The certainty of nonexistence, if tiny, generates not only feelings of inadequacy, but also physical powerlessness against the sublime nature.

Unsettled roots, forgetful memory fleeing away of the routine.

The memory counts centuries of mankind movement, always wandering. For tens of thousands years ; we, people of Cro-Magnon, homo sapiens, obey to our nature to try to fly, to live, to conquer. Today travelling is easy, and it has become in a way of life, some travel to discover, others to conquer, some only want to relax and play, but many flee away from horror, from hunger and try only to survive.

Because of necessity, curiosity or vanity, we are more and more mobile, wanderers, tramps, nomads, gypsies.

-------------- WIP: Work In Progress -------------
Karina Sechi is one of the 50 best emerging photographers for 2015, as voted by the eight-member international jury for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015. For this project, Karina has been finalist in Fine Art category in the 7th Pollux Award 2015 in the UK. Honorable mention winner in Fine Art category in the WHITE contest PX3 - Paris Photography Prize 2015. Finalist in "Green, how I want you green..." (F.G. Lorca) category in the New Photovision, Serbia, 2015. Travel to the end of the world has participated in several international shows and art festivals in Venice, Padova and Sao Paulo.