My Inner journey- A Luminous diary
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I have had the fortunate opportunity to travel the world for the last 30 years non stop to atleast 3 countries a year. I consider these as mostly outer journeys and the experiences themselves are complete for the mind body and emotion. However the Pandemic non travel life has taken me into a very different journey. It has me looking inward into who I am and reflect on my pictures from these past journeys. Among the many trips I have taken to Japan the 2019 was very special to me as I felt more strangely extra emotional taking these pictures . At that time I could not put a name to those feelings but have now gone into a inner journey to discover what those moments may be. While we humans think we are capturing our feeling or emotions in words the fundamental issue is the barrier of language and whether it accurately represents what one is feeling. However since I am writing this in English a language unifying most of the world my hope is that these common words we have been thought to comprehend by our own kind will help us to recognize similar feelings that may be present among us. This is a collection of those wonderful moments , personal thoughts about the ocean of life and things surrounding it. This collection of images and words needs to be looked upon or meditated on to feel and experience the connections one has with them . Each image has notes on the connections I made in this luminous diary. I hope you see beyond my views and connect deeper to this collection like I did as the awakening it gave me to connect through these dots of light opened a new horizon in my life with this inner Journey.