Project info

Pescara is an italian city situated in Abruzzo, and it name risult from the name of pescara river, that since ancient times was used for commerce and fishing.
Today again the fishing is one of the principal activity of the city.
Are practiced different types of fishing, but one of the most difficult and hard is the anchovies fishing, called fishing on lamparas.

They fish on "lamparas", small boats with only one, bright, lamp that lights the water surface.
Anchovies are attracted on the surface by lights .
It departs when is daylight, just after lunch for arrive to off the adriatic coasts, near the water croatian borders.
During the trip, that goes on 4 to 6 hours, the fishermen prepare for the long night.
Soon after the sunset the fishing boat heads to anchovies herd, waiting the night, because is only then that are lowed the small boats for start the fishing.
The anchovies are directed by three "lamparas" in only one point where they are enclosed in a net.
During the rising of the web, the captain's shouts break the silence.
They are also repeated by each fisherman. This creates a chorus in which they scream al together.
Which is the most delicate time?! Calculate the catch and compair it to the other boats' ones. This kind of fishing needs flat sea and moonless.
For this project I tried to impress at my photos the courage and the power of these fishermen.
This is not a job for everybody, but only for somebody that love, respect and fear the sea, the leave alone their families alone every night, but when they go up on the fishing boat find the other family.