Faceless city. Beveidis miestas.
Project info

“Faceless City” reveals the picture of urban life in an unconventional way. Here people are portrayed only as details or barely recognizable figures - ghosts of the city. In this series, I aim to reveal the monotony and dullness of a seemingly colorful and bustling city, to question the so exalted individuality of Western civilization - doesn't every individuality become just a detail of the overall picture of the city?
I decided to look at the topic of “Peripheral Visions” from several angles:
Firstly, in the stylistic sense: the works do not capture the periphery in the geographical / urban sense, but seek to reflect the feeling and aura of the word itself. The works are stylistically designed to be on the edge of photography, on the periphery. I do not seek clear focus, the person often enters the frame only as a detail, the composition moves the viewer's gaze to the edge of the frame. In modern, often technically particularly neat photography such pictures would find themselves on the fringes of this visual medium.
Secondly, I sought to convey the peripheral view of the photographer as a city observer. The series was photographed in the most discreet way: allowing to capture the natural presence of people without it being affected by the camera presence. Most photographs are captured without focusing on objects, but as if looking at them with the edge of the eye.
Paradoxically, it is the peripheral details in the “Faceless City” that become the focus of the photo.