These day we express under the mask.
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This is what happens everywhere in the world.

When this pandemic outbreaks began in early 2020, most of us lost control like others around the world. I stay with my family more than ever and shared almost all my time with them for more than 3 months of the lockdown period here.

After several months of loackdown, the epidemic has begun to ease and the government has decided to open it in our country.

For me, going to the streets again, showing a new city scenery is an unexpected new journey. These moments are full of smiles and sad memories, but they are all hidden under the mask now.

I walked through those streets and alleys, looking for new faces and lifestyles that adapt to the new environment. It is not like World War I or World War II, but another revolution in human survival.

You can think of this as a miracle. For the survivors, we all believe that many beautiful things will happen.