There's No Place Like Home
Project info

I started this project after a shelter-in-place order was mandated for King County, Washington, and my partner and I were relegated to our home. I read the news, watched infection and death tolls rise, and sat in my home stunned by what was unfolding, stilted by the oddness of the uncharacteristically sunny days. News headlines of wild animals reclaiming spaces normally inhabited by people charged my imagination, and the work followed. I watched how the light traced the walls, and I found myself rearranging furniture, making and installing art on the walls, and pulling fabrics from the closet because they sparkled. The work was a way to ease the anxiety and tension of the unknown. Robert Adams says that the one of the most important reasons to make art is 'to keep intact an affection for life.' That's what this series is doing for me, and I can only hope that it inspires the same for my viewers. The project is ongoing.