The difference of one
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My body is here, but where is the condition of mine? The human condition isn’t composed in space. It can be said that the relation between the individual particular and the human condition is like the relation of content and form . The content transfers through the form like the wall, like a prison and transforms freely. It is ephemeral, unstable and invisible, depending on how its interpreted, and shows up differently each moment. In that unstable scope what is never fixed, the human condition is contained. To live is to differ. In the morning while in bed, until one recovers conscience, I feel a concern sometimes that if I have an identity of who I was yesterday until I slept, a fear of that something of what I had yesterday has already left or is replaced as something else. But even though I’m changing each moment, even though I’m not equal to that I was before, it is constant that I am human as I am The human isn’t so fragile like is crumbled by the change of the condition and it can be that this diversity is humanity. Due to this stimulus, we can be the human even though there is the moment that we worry about our ephemeral human condition. At present here and now, the I is an effect in the system of differentiation and also a tract of the changing past.