Swallows in my world
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"Do you sometimes imagine you are a swallow? I like swallows a lot. They live where they feel good and free. In the summertime, they live with us in Kyrgyzstan", explains Asel while she is walking in the middle of the main street of the little village by mountain surrounded. Eight-year-old Asel lives in a village, about 60 km from the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. Asel is immensely proud to know already how to can fruits and vegetables for the wintertime. She knows precisely the different steps because she always helps her mother. Since her little brother's birth, her parents depend on her and the support of her older brother Aziz (12 years) in all daily tasks.
Asel feeds the chickens, wipes the dust in the house, and takes care of her little brother. But she never complains. Instead, Asel is asking: "Can you hear it? The creek carries more water today than usual," while she is picking red tomatoes from the family's field for her mother to cook dinner. She always finds the time to stop for a moment and observe the little things in her life. "Swallows in my world" is firstly a documentary work about the life of a little girl and her Kyrgyz family in a small village in Kyrgyzstan. It is the story of a family that shows that children do not need much, but they need to dream and feel comfortable. "I have never been behind all the mountains that surround our village. They are so far away and incredibly high. But my father told me that behind these mountains there are even more and even much higher mountains. He knows it because he went already far away. I am happy he returned to us. Sometimes I wonder how the little swallows manage it to fly over all these high mountains to us. I think because they like us very much," describes Asel in her pure childhood imagination.