now see only the trace of the moment from that left NOW
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●the landscape is the trace of the landscape 1-2
When we face to what we don’t want to forget, we take a photograph.
But not always we get capturing that in the photograph.
Between the landscape in the photography and the landscape what we remember, there is the distance what isn’t able to repair.
The photograph doesn’t reaches the moment NOW, never can catch it.
Because the moment that we hoped record is prior to the moment in that we took the photograph.
The time passes continually, passing the time is disappearing and losing.
We cannot escape from this system.
In this system, everything appears end later disappears.
In the photographic image I see only the trace of the existence, the absence of the object.
But even though we only capture the trace of what we really wanted to capture, we love the photograph.
As the photograph isn’t perfect, our memory tries to recover this something.
I believe that it’s posible to recover it because what we want to recover is what already we have had.
We cannot avoid the fact that this object disappeared at the same time we cannot avoid the fact that this object really existed.
Thanks for the photograph as trace of the time, we can believe what something existed.

now see only the trace of the moment from that left NOW
In last few years I have lived in various places in Japan.
This series deals with the landscape of these places.
I returned there and tried to recover the blocked part of my memory taking pictures of what I had seen probably while I was living there.
But its wish was never complied.
What we already lost cannot be completed, we cannot escape from this constant loss of time that past.
Everything disappears and everything is disappearing.