Parties and Underground Gatherings
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Personal interests and civil freedoms have been restricted for 40 years after Islamic Revolution of Iran The outfit, the use of alcohol and other similar personal affections are of the major interests of today’s youth in Iran. Getting rid of these restrictions among this young generation has been drawn to private spaces and parties, especially at night. The personal freedoms of the young stratum, which are mostly aware of freedom and global rights, has been limited by laws, common culture and the prevailing religion in Iran. Meanwhile, these rules restrict women even more than men and these rules are being broken in most of the gatherings and parties which are held privately at homes. The women’s outfit are totally different in indoor and outdoor and is completely different from the laws which are legislated after revolution. The hidden use of alcoholic drinks and also various drugs has become common among women. Being in emotional and romantic relationships is almost one of the other restrictions of the above-mentioned generation which is mainly led to secrecy and homosexuality. These parties are generally held underground and without the knowledge of their families.
This collection has been collected through a whole year in night parties and gatherings.