Miami Urban Silence in Times of Covid-19
Project info

I have rarely been interested in photographing a street scene without including a human element. In the midst of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus at times, to alleviate the isolation, I went for a drive around the city mostly at night. Generally, I came across a city with its modern lighting, but with desolate streets, completely empty illuminated businesses, it seemed like a city that slept only early in the evening. I drove slowly, enjoying the ride, making a visual record of the lights, colors, shapes, and architecture of the places where I passed by. It was a luxury to be able to drive without anyone shouting at me, typical of Miami, or someone in a hurry honking the horn of their car. I stopped whenever one of those street scenes motivated me to photograph it. It was not my interest to capture the well-known illuminated scenes of the art deco hotels of famous Ocean Drive in South Beach. On the contrary, these images that are part of this nocturnal visual registry correspond to ordinary streets and spaces that generally, as daily life developed in them, never interested me, much less my vision came to appreciate the aesthetic relationships that I could now discover and that speak of the current state of the city, which is extrapolated to the country and the world.