A good vacation (artist book)
Project info

"A good vacation" is an artist made photography book, full of personal impressions and self irony.
The book tells a story of a person who works in the office most days of the year and who can only touch a somewhat different life in a short yearly vacation, which typically lasts a couple of weeks.
The book is presented as an office planner, which a typical office worker uses to schedule appointments, manage tasks and take notes.
This actual planner was used by the authors and it appears on many photographs, suggesting which images refer to the photographers themselves (an identical cover is used for copies 2-15 of the book).
There are three parts in the book separated by tab dividers.
Their titles read together as the main plot line of the book: [An office person] [is going to a vacation] [and comes back].
The first part of the book, "An Office Person" describes a typical routine of an office life.
The second part of the book describes the vacation. The aquarelle on the tab divider is by Svetlana Dubas.
The third part of the book depicts return to work after the vacation. The collage on the tab divider features color memories of the vacation and faded black and white photographs of the office life. In the subsequent images, vacation memories appear as backgrounds, flashbacks, printed photographs and wallpapers of the office computers.