Time of London
Project info

Artist made photography book, edition of 15

33 pages, 73 color photographs
Archival pigment printing
Epson Enhanced Matte Photo Paper
Handmade binding
Limited edition of 15
1 copy purchased for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
11 copies available

Page size 36x26cm
Book size 37x26.5x3cm
Hard shell slipcase 37.7x27.5x3.9 cm

Instagram page of the book:

Artist statement:
Time is not just words in old newspapers, not just dates in history textbooks. Time leaves traces on cities and on their buildings.
In this project, we chase the time on the streets of London. In this city generations, epochs, and styles were replacing each other for ages. Inclined, patched buildings sometimes reinforced with bolts, are adapted for new purposes and for technologies of modern life.
The walls of London live their own life and give new life to other objects and plants. Old wood beams get charred. Ivy vines settle in seams and moss covers stones. Windows and doors are sealed. New tubes, wires and antennas are mounted around the walls.

In this way, a wall changes from mute, speechless material evidence into a witness, an active participant of London history. It brings traces of the past and tells its story to those who are interested to listen.
In this story meanings and purposes of objects are ambiguous, dates are diffused, remainders of epochs are mixed into puzzles. They are like messages not addressed to anyone specific.

Sometimes it is a story of abandoning the past or about being unable or unwilling to understand the history. Sometimes it is a story about succession and grateful preservation of the heritage.

People create buildings that turn into pages, where the time will carve its marks. We show you the images painted by time on the walls of London.