Old Pali Highway, Oahu
Project info

During the past three years I have done 3 month stints researching the island of Oahu. I'm attracted to the flora and fauna, the oceanic systems, the cultural hegemony, the beauty, as everyone visiting the islands but, am more particularly interested in the visual amalgamation resulting from the mix of the histories, cultural practices resulting in this melting pot of communities . My work is visual inductive and deductive inquiry. I am visually attuned to the physical evidence and artifacts of the overlapped or overlapping cultural events and eventualities. Its a miraculous fusion of cultural practices, histories and nationalities these volatile petri islands scattered throughout the pacific. The relatively latter impact of Western Cultural influence upon the Poly and Micronesian islands and the competing eastern and western influx combining cultures.. The recency of the impacts, changes, assimilations all make for a profoundly meaningful and visually striking environment in which to make images. In this series, I am awed by natures voracious reabsorption of this early american concrete road way built into the jungle - the Pali Highway. .