The loss of detail
Project info

lack and white street photographer, I love to capture human emotion and expression in the public area. Lately, during these unfortunate times of COVID-19 crisis, I started to focus on the missing facial expression caused by the need of wearing face masks. I have named this new series 'The loss of detail' because due to the virus a lot of details of our common daily life is lost. Details we love and the big question is when we will have our usual lives back. To me, as a photographer, this missing detail is best expressed in the eyes and in the body language of the masked people and their surroundings. In a way it is fascinating to see how the street scene has changed. At the same time there is cruelty in it, when you think about the restriction of freedom. But there is also beauty and a sense of mystery in the image of masked people. So far, I have captured people of Amsterdam, Vienna and Cologne, and to further expand the series I was planning to visit the capitals of all neighboring countries, but I am not allowed to travel there anymore, due to increasing COVID-19 numbers. In any case, I am planning to continue this series until the face mask is again a rarity in the public area of Amsterdam. For that matter I hope I will end this series soon and I can go back to my normal life as soon as possible, but I have the feeling this crisis will forever influence the essence of my photography.