Project info

"The photographs in this [project} were taken at a variety of locations in and around Phoenix, Arizona, the artist’s home since 2009. Joseph Podlesnik, a Wisconsin native who lived for many years in southern New Jersey, brings his own artistic sensibility to this series. Like the Swiss photographer Robert Frank, who documented American places and people with great acuity in the 1950s, Podlesnik may see Phoenix more clearly than those who have lived there longer.

"In exploring the curious aspects of his surroundings and finding visual interest where others see only walls, windows, and chairs, he offers us a mirror of his own artistic sensibility. In depicting visual reality without excessive manipulation of the image, his photographs provide a window onto the interesting and infinitely varied world of Phoenix and its environs."

-- Excerpts from “Surface Tension”, an essay about Joseph Podlesnik's work, written by Kate Nearpass Ogden