The Pandemie Diary
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The Pandemie Protocoll

On the streets but this time through special conditions
in this unprecedented situation due to the Pandemic crisis
I wanted to capture with my lens the different behavior of people due to the fear of the Pandemic, in public space.
The image of public space has now changed,
with the Lockdown, the cities looks like ghosts ...
Playgrounds,Sports venues, Squares empty of the human element...
The general use of the mask which is protection,
radically changes people's expressions .
The Mask a fetish, that hides the face, the most expressive part of the human body,the identity of man.
A special atmosphere on the streets, where people now move differently.
Due to the fear of disease behaviors, body language has changed radically
I think we are now entering a new era with images,
with no hugs no kisses no greetings…
The representation of the image of people,
in public space is changing…

With these thoughts I try to read with images the atmosphere of the urban space ... the smell of the street
is a ongoing project that will continue as long as it lasts
the Pandemie....