Songs of Disaster and Forgiveness
Project info

Songs of Disaster and Forgiveness is a series of black and white images encompassing still life, found images and text, and urban landscape.  Shot on monochrome instant film with a toy Instax mini camera, the images are scanned and then lightly edited.  Each image is quite small, approximately 3” x 5”, and is printed on 13”x 18” paper where it hovers over an expanse of white. Many images are double exposures, embracing chance and intuition, treading the thin line between anticipation and failure, embracing and releasing.  The images exist in a realm of suspended time, dream time.

Not unlike the experience of grief, the images inhabit the fraying seam which binds remembrance to forgetting.   Fragments of words and phrases, found in poetry, letters, song lyrics, and art books, are also included as separate images. They, themselves, seem half-recalled, as if overheard from a room very far away.  Words and images whisper to each other, telling a story that presses near even as it can’t quite be grasped, a story incomplete and forever on the verge of disappearing.