Project info

Anahata is a photography-based project presented as an immersive installation on Organic LED electronic canvases, multimedia sculptures and traditionally printed photographs. These images are the result of an intimate collaboration between performers, choreographers, costume designers, makeup artists and technicians in which I acted as photographer and director. Original choreographed movement was captured with an open-spectrum camera in a purpose-built, UV light studio where dancers performed in handcrafted costumes. This novel photographic technique enabled arrested abstractions of movement that are true to moments in time, rather than altering the images through digital editing.

Anahata, from the Sanskrit for ‘unhurt or ‘unbroken,’ corresponds to the energy of the heart, the ‘unstruck sound’ and harmonic resonance we have with the celestial. Dream-like and archetypal, the use of mythology and mysticism in Anahata is a means of transport to an ancient, eternal place. However abstract or familiar, this place can be seen as the origin of devotion, prayer, stillness, and grace within each of us. Whether experienced as a sanctuary or celebration of diversity in relationships, the images in Anahata attempt to connect to a universal and ageless divinity. When modern society is becoming precariously polarized and divided by sanctimonious tribal ideologies, I hope that my work can bridge some of the divides in our innate connection.