Boat People of Amsterdam
Project info

This photobook by photographer Friso Spoelstra is about the Boat People of Amsterdam. The book allows visitors to glimpse into their lives. From the old barge family that moored there once and never left to the first few 'water yuppies'. Families that roamed around for many years until finally finding a berth, to the man who as a student built a house on a ramshackle barge and who still lives in it without shower and lavatory. Photographer Friso Spoelstra visited at least a hundred houseboats, together with writer Jowi Schmitz in order to meet the occupants. Friso spent days aboard. Jowi was told an abundance of stories, more than she could write down. The book has been made for all those who love the waterfront. Trying to answer the question 'what are these people looking for in this life along the water?'