Some Arabs and Some Jews
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When words do not suffice to express a feeling or a mood - the picture comes to assistance. Modern photography has discovered a lyrical dimension in the picture . It is no longer limited to to the human form but attempts to penetrate the human condition. Body language, facial expression, posture and background are all poetic crying out in anguish, bursting with love.

Hally Pancer uses the camera to give lyrical expression to the condition of man: poverty and old age, protest and suppression, determination and despair.

Hally’s main message is that life is very difficult. To contend with it is sometimes beyond endurance - but not beyond despair. Even in her saddest faces - there are lines of hope. Even in her darkness - there is light.

Here is photography with the force of a poem.

- Shimon Peres
Former President, Prime Minister of Israel