I Love You
Project info

Love is our healing , humanizing source of humanity, within all of us.
As a photographer working for clients for so many years, I have been sistematicly confronted with the imagenery making, with the values behind every briefing and casting, where the perception of beauty and the good aspiring life style, was all related to white credo.
Media industry, and image makers, have enormous power to influence thoughts and emotions, feelings that shape our collective minds. Beautiful and ugly, seen and unseen, humanize and dehumanize. The way we learn to love, to express love making, is mainly learned by all the movies we have seen , fashion and advertisments campaigns , that make white love as the love model.
Like if the rest of humanity did not know how to love, or if they did, was in a very dehumanized way.
This series I LOVE YOU, is exactly about LOVE, this universal source of energy and inspiration that feeds the humanity in all of us, and it is a Black Love Story.