Living architectures
Project info

Building facades could be wrongly considered as 'still life' images, at a first glance they are only stone and concrete without soul.
From age to age architecture has been used by men as a way to express a wide range of concepts: from power and influence to devotion, reflecting as a mirror the historical, political, religious beliefs of the period.
Today it can range from simple creativity and inspiration of the architect to a way to face different social and environmental problems.
But at the same time buildings are living entity themselves, speaking, through their relation with the human presence inside, their own language made by bright/soft colors facades, open and closed windows, curtains and hanging clothes.
Buildings and houses stand maybe for centuries while everything around them change: not only the city but also their inhabitants; all these changes, all these different lives inside leave a sign, a mark into the building.
Architecture speaks to us: there are so many stories just to be discovered behind windows and walls of houses, stories waiting only to be told.
The images of the series are taken in Livorno, a beautiful seaside town of Tuscany, full of charme and mood.
This project has been awarded the first place in category Architecture: Buildings at MIFA 2015 and has been projected at Fotoloft Gallery (Moscow) from 3 to 10 November 2015.
The series has been awarded the third place and Bronze Star Medal in category Architecture: Buildings at Neutral Density Photography Awards 2015.