When Things Go Missing: in memoriam
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Over the last several years I've lost both my parents. And while attending their respective funerals I noted the flowers, and what happens to them once the service and the interment is complete. Flowers placed on grave sites are generally made of silk, so as to withstand the elements and last longer. But sooner or later these flowers are removed, either by the families, the groundskeeper, or the wind. They end up in out of the way places, pushed to nearby wooded areas, off into the bushes, or blown across the street to get caught up in some obstruction. I look for and photograph these abandoned remembrances. I return to the same locations and photograph, in some instances the same pile of flowers or bits and pieces of material, over and over. My photographs are a reflection of my original distraction but then my focused looking and consideration of how these lost and chaotic arrangements become the counter or balance to the impermanence of the original well planned and ordered memorial.